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Black Hills Boys Soccer
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BHHS Boys Soccer 2019

BHHS Boys Soccer 2019


NewMake sure that during the Off Season you stay in great shape and take advantage of any soccer or physical workouts available at school.

Make sure you bring your cleats, running shoes, and your shinguards to all your practices 

Survey If you are interested in playing soccer click on this link to complete a quick survey 


A Fundraiser Opportunity: Banner Sponsorship

Contact businesses and see if they want to sponsor boys soccer by having a banner with their business name at the soccer turf field.  Mrs Johnson and myself have already sold five.  I am attaching a word document than you can use to contact businesses see if they are interested.  Remember the soccer program uniforms and all its equipment is funded by fundraising only.  Thanks.

Coach Frank Soiza.

Word Document: Black Hills Soccer Banner Fundraiser




 Youtube Videos:  

        BHHS vs Tumwater HS - 4-12-2019

    BHHS vs Rochester HS - 4-16-2019

    BHHS vs Centralia HS - 4-19-2019

    BHHS vs W F West HS - 4-22-2019

    BHHS vs Aberdeen HS - 4-26-2019

    BHHS JV vs Capital HS C-Team - 4-27-2019

    BHHS vs WFWest HS - 5-2-2019



 GO Wolves!! 



BHHS Boys Soccer

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Coaching Staff
Varsity Coach: Frank Soiza
JV Coach: Alfonso Magana

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